Finding a gym near you will only take few searches, but if that gym is the one for you is another question. Commitment is one of the most important elements in your fitness journey, and in order for you to stay committed you need to be mentally content with the gym you will be using.  

You want to be certain about the gym; after all, you are devoting your time and energy into a gym with hope that you will prosper in your fitness journey. Like a lot of people, you may have looked into various gyms around your area and even dug a bit deeper into your research by investigating their social media pages and online reviews (which we will cover later on). While that is a great start, here are some pointers for you when finding a gym.  

Assess your needs and know what you want

Before choosing a gym, you should assess if you really need a gym. Here are few questions you can ask yourself before coming to a conclusion. What is your fitness requirement? Are you someone who loves outdoor exercising? Or do you require proper gym equipment for your session to session gym routine? If you are still rooting to join the fitness gym, you should ask yourself: why am I joining the gym? For example, the fitness centre may have other facilities such a sauna and swimming pool as well as exercise area, or you might just want a pure hardcore bodybuilding gym to workout your muscles.

To help you understand what you want from a gym, it is always good idea to have a list of compulsory requirements.

Here are some things you may want in your list:

  • Men or women only gym (or timings)
  • Hardcore bodybuilding gym or fitness focus gym
  • Should it have facilities such as boxing classes or punch bags (and it is great for cardio!)
  • Does timing bother you? (some gyms are 24/7)
  • Do you want any specific clubs e.g. yoga club or gymnastics
  • In-house kitchen for a quick protein meal after?

Location is key

Location is key to consistency, especially when you are just beginning your fitness journey. No one wants to go gym with intention that they will not be consistent, and it is even worse when the reason of your inconsistency is location. It is best to eliminate that excuse from the very beginning, but how? The two things you should ask yourself are when and how? When will you go gym? Will it be first thing in the morning before you go work, will it be right after work or will you go gym once you come home from work? All of this will help you understand whether your gym should be near your house or your work place. The distance can also change depending on how you travel. Will you be commuting via car, bike, public transport or maybe your gym is just a 10minutes walk from your house or work place (and it’s a great form of cardio)

Browse Social Media

Social media is a great way to get an insight of what the gym consists of and how the members and staff feel about the gym. In the era of technology most fitness centres would have Facebook, Instagram, and even snapchat; it will open up avenues for you to check reviews and some what understand what values and requirements that gym ticks for you. To research even further you can use sites such as google and trust pilot to find out more information about the gym, for example the hygiene level, staff and any other facilities within the gym.

A trial day: find out about gym, members and staff

Some gyms offer a one day pass or a free trial day offers. It is a good way to find out what the gym actually consists of before you make a gym membership commitment and then regret it after a few days. When you are actually there it is different to what you see online. You will be able to check different amenities and services out yourself; such as looker rooms, Showers and for some gyms even sauna and swimming pool. You will also get an opportunity to talk to current members and staff to get a better feel about the gym. The people you will train around is an important factor in making a welcoming and encouraging environment; you want yourself to be certain that you will feel comfortable and welcomed which will ultimately make you want to keep coming back.

Equipment and environment

If the equipment are not the best, you would rather work out at home or even outdoor. You don’t have to be a gym equipment expert to know if this gym is the one for you, here are some pointers for you to assess the gym when on a free day trial or using one day pass:

  • The condition of the equipment
  • Variety of equipment
  • How close or tight are the equipment
  • The quantity for each equipment (e.g. how many squat racks does this gym have?)

When you pay for the gym, you are paying for two things, the equipment and the environment. There Small details that you might not really care about, but can have an impact on the environment you are working out in, for example how loud is the music? How bright or how dim are the lights? Is the gym too congested with people or machines or even both?