The truth is that intelligently-programmed cardio while bulking can give you a major boost to performance, body composition, and overall health! You should definitely incorporate cardio into your workouts on a bulk. If oxygen nutrient intake is important to you, then you will quickly get where you want to be when you incorporate your volumes of exercise into your post-workout calorie counts. The best thing about doing cardio while bulking is that it certainly doesn’t require such an overt plan of development.

Cardio is often viewed as an unimportant element of a fitness routine. However, it’s an essential part of any program because cardio helps burn fat, increase endurance, and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. In fact, according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM),regular cardio can also help you gain lean mass, lose body fat, improve cardiorespiratory endurance, and increase your VO2 max (a measure of how much oxygen you can process during exercise). Whether you’re cutting or bulking, incorporating cardio into your workout routine has several serious benefits: It improves your cardiovascular system, strengthens your heart and lungs, burns excess fat from your body and enhances blood circulation throughout your body.

Cardio is the devil when you’re looking to bulk, right? Wrong. Cardio has gotten a bit of a bad rap these days, and for good reason –it’s just not as effective for fat loss as resistance training. However, that doesn’t mean cardio is irrelevant and should be skipped when bulking up. In fact, there are several reasons why you should do some cardio while bulking.

1. Cardio is not just for weight loss

While cardio is a great tool for fat loss and improving your body composition, it does so much more than that. Cardio has been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, hyper tension, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases. In fact, most doctors recommend 30minutes of moderate cardio 5–7 days per week for optimal heart health. How is that even possible? Cardio has been shown to reduce cortisol levels, increase human growth hormone (HGH), improve insulin sensitivity, improve blood lipid levels, and reduce blood pressure. These are all huge benefits that will improve your life outside the gym.

2. Improved heart health

Going back to the first point, improving heart health is one of the main reasons people start doing cardio in the first place. Cardio has been proven to reduce heart disease risk by lowering blood pressure and improving blood lipid levels. Both blood pressure and blood lipid levels are linked to a higher risk for heart disease. When you start doing cardio, you’re able to reduce both of these factors and greatly improve your overall heart health.

3. You’ll gain lean mass while bulking

Surprisingly enough, you’ll actually gain more lean mass while doing cardio while bulking. This is due to the increase in HGH that cardio provides. When you’re bulking, your body is naturally going to try to protect itself by increasing cortisol levels and slowing down protein synthesis. This is a natural defence mechanism that prevents you from gaining too much fat. However, when you add a bit of cardio to your routine, you’re able to reduce cortisol levels and increase HGH. HGH is directly related to lean mass growth and will allow you to gain more lean mass while bulking.

4. You can still build muscle while doing cardio

While cardio does have the ability to reduce your protein synthesis, it doesn’t have a drastic effect on protein synthesis. That being said, there is a difference between moderate cardio and high-intensity cardio. If you were to use high-intensity cardio while bulking, you will definitely see a reduction in protein synthesis levels. However, moderate cardio won’t put your muscles at any risk. Go ahead and do your cardio on a lower-intensity day so you can still maximize your muscle growth.

5. It doesn’t require a lot of time or equipment

One of the best things about cardio is that it doesn’t require any equipment and barely takes up any time at all. You can easily do some cardio while on your lunch break, before you go to work, or any other time you have to spare. If you’re pressed for time and have a hectic schedule, cardio is definitely the way to go.


As we’ve already gone over, cardio does a lot more than just help you lose fat. You’ll be able to gain more lean mass, improve your heart health, lower your blood pressure, increase HGH levels, and much more. These are all benefits that will last long after you’ve stopped doing cardio.

Cardio has gotten a bad rap lately due to the fact that it’s not as effective for fat loss as resistance training. However, that doesn’t mean cardio is irrelevant and should be skipped when bulking up. In fact, there are several reasons why you should do some cardio while bulking. Cardio is not just for weight loss, it’s also great for improving your heart health and increasing your metabolic rate. This means that even once you’ve stopped doing any cardio and completely finished your bulk, you’ll still be reaping the benefits. With all of these benefits, it’s clear that cardio should have a better reputation and it does not matter whether you are bulking or cutting.