There are many different types of gaming desks available. Some are designed to be simple and straight, while others are more shaped like Ls. In either case, the surface should be big enough to accommodate your gaming monitor, PC or console for some, keyboards, mouse and many others.

Gaming desks are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable for gamers. Some feature a curved shape for extra support. Some also feature built-in armrests. Many of these types of desks also have height-adjustable features. These features make gaming more comfortable and productive. Gaming desks are also ideal for gamers who spend a lot of time playing online.

When choosing a gaming desk, ergonomics should be one of the top factors. It should fit all your accessories comfortably and at the proper angle, which will reduce fatigue and repetitive stress. Also, you should make sure you have enough space for your legs. Having the right distance between your legs and the desk is important to keep your back healthy while playing games.

We've gathered a variety of gaming desk options here – which you can consider and feel secure when you make your purchase.

L-shaped gaming desk from Respawn

The RESPAWN 2000 Gaming Computer Desk is an L-shaped desk with ergonomic features. It includes a raised monitor shelf and bevelled front edge. A full-size keyboard tray is also included, so that you can play comfortably. You will also appreciate the adjustable height and the space between the keyboard and the monitor.

The desk's steel tube frame is designed to withstand up to two hundred pounds of gaming equipment. It also features a raised desktop monitor shelf, which keeps your high-resolution curved LED monitor in an ergonomic view. This desk also boasts an integrated cup holder for keeping your drink or beverage in your hand during epic world boss fights. It's also available with a limited lifetime warranty.

Aside from being able to support two monitors, this L-shaped gaming desk from Respawn comes with an integrated shelf and cable management pouch.

GTRacing gaming desk

A GTRACING gaming desk is made to be professional and functional. It comes with many features, including a cd & speaker holder, cup holder, power strip holder, and a place to put your home office set.

These gaming desks have a wide variety of options, including monitor stands, mouse mats, RGB lighting, and more. They are easy to assemble and can be completely customized to meet your needs. These desks are great for those who work from home or for gamers who enjoy working on the go.

The GTRACING Z03 gaming desk is ideal for gamers who want to work or play on their computer. The desk also features a large surface for setting up gaming gear, such as huge speakers and ultrawide monitors. The sleek design of this desk is very impressive.

X Rocker Jaguar gaming desk

The X Rocker Jaguar Gaming Desk is a premium, yet affordable gaming desk. It's made of aluminium, with a smooth glide surface and two cable management ports. It also has USB-powered LED lighting. It's built to support multiple monitors.

The X Rocker Jaguar Gaming Desk is a stylish, versatile desk with enough room to accommodate all your electronic devices. It's perfect for gaming enthusiasts or professionals who use computers on a daily basis. Its ergonomic design ensures that your computer and other equipment will be within easy reach. Plus, it comes with a free desk-scale mouse mat.

The Jaguar's design features include a cup holder and Z-shaped legs. Its RGB LED lights react to the sound coming from your speakers. You can also hook up your headset to the headset hook. And because it's so sturdy, you won't have to worry about your gaming equipment wobbling around on the desk.

Cougar Mars Gaming Desk

COUGAR MARS gaming desk delivers generous gaming space and dazzling RGB lighting effects to give you an unparalleled gaming experience. Its two RGB strips sync with motherboards; These strips work with Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, and ASRock Polychrome. The desk also comes with two control stands and a power switch, to allow you to set the RGB strips up in the way that you desire.

This gaming desk comes with an array of features and is crafted from a durable steel material. It has a generous gaming surface and can fit a laptop or desktop computer. Its sleek design makes it easy to place and store your gaming essentials. It supports up to 330.7 lb of weight. Additionally, the Cougar MARS gaming desk includes dual control boxes for easy access to USB 3.0 and 3.5 mm audio jacks. Finally, the desk's height is fully adjustable to accommodate a variety of configurations.

Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S Gaming Desk

The Eureka Ergonomic Z1S Gaming Desk offers a truly immersive gaming experience. This desk is equipped with blue LED lights and a high-quality Z support frame, which are rust-resistant and provide excellent load bearing capacity. If you're looking for a gaming desk that won't cost an arm and a leg, look no further than the Z1S-V3.

The Z1-S Gaming Desk is the least expensive desk in our review, though it still lacks features common to standing desks. The desk is only expensive when compared to other cheaper options, but even those cheap options usually lack the build quality of a gaming-centric desk.

The Eureka Ergonomic Z1S Gaming Desk is a solid, compact gaming desk. It comes with red leg braces that add stability to the desk's Z-shaped legs. It's also equipped with a cup-holder and extra-large gaming mouse pad.

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

When it comes to gaming desks, the Arozzi Arena is a clear winner. With a wide surface that can hold three monitors and an extra-large mouse pad, it's a perfect option for gamers. Unfortunately, it lacks some of the features that PC gamers want. These include an adjustable monitor height, a headset hook, and cup holders. But, these are minor details and the Arozzi is likely to continue to improve over time.

If you're a competitive gamer, the Arozzi Arena is a solid choice. This desk has a large surface area for mouse movements, and is 32inches deep. Besides, it has plenty of room for gaming accessories. The large mouse pad is particularly impressive, as it completely covers the surface area.