It’s your first day at the gym, you have no experience, you are somewhat nervous and maybe a little insecure because you think everyone you see right now know what they are doing, unlike you. Well scrap that, gym is one of the best ways to work on your mindset, and it starts now.

The good thing is, everyone you see at that gym or let’s just say every gym-er was in your shoe once upon a time, including myself.

So I decided to gather some tips for you, to get you ready for your first day at the gym!

1. Do some research!

A typical gym-er will have a vision, what is your goal? The physique you are after will inform your workout choice, a workout-plan you should ideally follow and what kind of diet you should have.

Gym timing is definitely a Key thing! In order for you to workout comfortably, you would naturally incline towards an environment which fits your personality. For a shy person they would rather go during quiet hours, and for someone who wouldn’t mind socialising would very much prefer the hustle and bustle a gym can bring during peak time. Look into what the quiet and peak times are for your chosen gym.

There are many ways you can find out how busy your gym is, for example a  gym like TheGym will provide an online portal for members which allows them to see Gym usage; it tells if it is currently busy or not. For a local gym, you can Google the name of the gym and see the popular timing provided by google!

2. Be prepared; the first impression is the last impression!

It is your first time in the gym, and you want to have the best experience ever. But how prepared are you? And what do you need to be prepared for your day?

Things you should prepare before your first day at gym

If you don’t know which gym you are going to it’s always a great start to ask a friend or google “gym’s near me”. If you need help choosing a gym catering your body and your physique goal, feel free to check my blog on “blog 28.”

Once you know which gym you are going to its always good to have a plan, aimlessly wandering around will only mean a crappy experience and losing motivation from day. Feel free to check out “blog29”. It is important to have a specific goal you want to accomplish for that day; you don’t want to jump from body part to another, from one machine to another.

Here are some pointers to consider which will help you decide the results you want from gym:

What physical qualities are you aiming for?

  • General wellness
  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Speed

What is your ultimate goal:

  • Weightlifting
  • Calisthenics
  • Powerlifting
  • Marathoners

What you should bring on your first day?

The last thing you want to do is bring a bag full of things that you might not even use. This is what you should take with you on your first day:

  • A gym bag
  • A change of clothes – could be gym outfit or you could go gym in your gym outfit and bring extra clothes for after gym
  • A change of clothes – could be gym outfit or you could go gym in your gym outfit and bring extra clothes for after gym
  • Toiletries (if you will consider showering at the gym)
  • A water bottle
  • A Headphone

It is your first day, you don’t want to over burden yourself with extra gym accessories like gloves, weightlifting belts and resistance bands.

3. Don’t overdo your first day, keep it easy

As a beginner, you don’t want to overdo things and burn yourself out. Your aim is consistency, and you want to come everyday or the days you are planning to come. You don’t want to miss days because the pain is too much, or because of a silly injury.

Being a beginner means we have a lot to learn, don’t be too harsh on yourself. The fact that you are in the gym is enough for you to deserve a pat on your back, yay! It’s a sip at a time; every gym session means a better you, with more experience as you advance in your gym journey to being a better version of yourself.

Start of little, do few exercise and you won’t be overly sore. The key is to slowly work your way up to heavier weights and more advance exercises.

4. Write everything down

Making notes can really help you keep track of your progress. It’s a great way of analysing how far you have come. It will help you understand your strength and weakness and which areas you need to work on more. On your notebook you should have:

  • Exercises
  • Sets
  • repetition (reps)
  • Weight you lifted  

5. Protein after your gym session

It is true, most work is done outside the gym; what you consume will help you with muscle recovery and growth. It is important to fill your muscle with the right nutrients, especially after you finish your gym session. Its always easy to go for a quick protein shake or a nice meal which has a good amount of protein.

 6. Ask for help, don’t be shy

It is ok to have someone who supports you, or shall I say spots you during your set is nothing to be shy of. It will help you get that extra set, maybe not 100% all coming from you, but it is definitely better than just stopping and giving up.

It is always good to ask for help or advice from a staff or a trainer. They can help you with your form, techniques, tips and help you understand any queries you may have with science to solidify the reasonings.

Having someone coach you or help you throughout you fitness journey is nothing to be ashamed of as some may dismiss this idea without even considering it. We have famous actors, actresses and even athletes have fitness coaches and nutrition coaches who help them understand their goals and help them with their fitness goal.